Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What is happening?

I wonder if we are getting the full story on the effects of Ike. The day after the hurricane I watched a news report run repeatedly on damage to the reporter's hotel. I thought, "That reporter is not allowed to go anywhere!"

Why else would you have a story from a parking lot about falling masonry when there is a disaster blocks away?

Comaparing the coverage of Katrina and Ike is like comparing the coverage between the first Gulf War and the current war. (Actually it is like the difference between the Vietnam war and the current war.)

During Katrina, reporters got the story. I think during Ike, they were given the story.

Here are some photos of the total destruction of the Bolivar Peninsula that need no reporting.

If I could get some answers, here is what I would ask:

Are rescuers keeping records on where animals are rescued, or do they just assume the animals are not going home and why bother?

If an animal has tags, is anyone following up?

Are animals scanned for microchips?

Are animals removed from apartments and homes?

Are records kept on those animals, or will they also go into the "adoption" pipleline.

Why is the Houston SPCA not publicizing the Ten Day Limit to reclaim your pet on their website?

And finally, is "adoption" a euphemism?

It is hard to come by stats for euthanizations, but I found some figures from year 2000 showing reporting Texas shelters had a "PTS" (Put To Sleep) rate of 67%.

I believe this because San Antonio, where I live, has the highest kill rate of any city. We PTS more animals than New York City.

There are a lot of reasons for this that I need not go into, but they apply across the state. So if roadblocks are put in the way of owners retrieving their animals, does that mean the animals go to new homes? Or do they take that quick exit administered to so many?

And how many rescuers will want to come to Texas to chase down and save animals only to have them end up in a gas chamber (we are a bit backward at times) or be killed by needle?

And why can't I get answers to my questions about the rescue effort? (Requests for anonymity will be respected and I can protect your identity.)

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SRM said...

Hi, I'm trying to get the word out about the needs of animal rescues and shelters.

Though Texas was hard hit by Hurricane Ike, parts of Louisiana also sustained serious damage as well as cumulative damage as a result of Hurricane Gustav that hit there the week before. I am trying to publicize he need of the many small animal rescue/shelter groups for support to deal with the animals and damage from these hurricanes both in Louisiana as well as Texas (the big groups already get the word out about their needs). I am not affiliated with any of these animal rescue/shelter groups and only post the requests sent out by those groups to help the animals. (I am also not involved in the
fundraising and don’t even post paypal addresses as donors should never go through a third party like me). Please read about some groups needing help at http://hurricaneikeanimalrescues.blogspot.com