Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stealth Volunteers

I work with an online group called The Stealth Volunteers. During Katrina we reunited well over a thousand animals with their families.

Before that I had never been involved with animal rescue in any way. Just recently I spent a couple of days in New Orleans helping people with pet evacuate before Gustav. I hightailed it up to Baton Rouge at 80 miles an hour before the storm hit later that day. In BR I had my first MRE. Avoid the omelet is my advice. The heating unit is cool though! I suggest throwing away the omelet and using the heating unit on something else . . .

Now we are working on Ike. The Stealth Volunteers are compiling online mentions of lost and found animals due to Ike and we are sending that information to shelters and rescues. I am going to blog here every day on our work, our reunions and feature someone's lost or found animal.

Meet TaterTot lost in Houston. "He ran out the door as the storm came. Believed to be in the Pinehurst area (Kipling Oaks or Timbergreen neighborhoods). We miss him dearly."

If you have seen this dog, please leave a note on the blog.

We need more volunteers to help us in our online work!

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